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The warlock class is a different sort of breed, and one of the most complex in the game. Using demonic magic, warlocks summon minions to aid them in fighting, while they themselves shower the enemies with damage-over-time (dot) spells.

A warlock's fighting style can seem somewhat similar to a hunter, but where a hunter can still do an impressive amount of damage without his pet, a warlock without his minion is basically defenseless. On the upside, the warlock have access to several different minions, though only one at a time, suitable for fighting various types of enemies. On the downside, summoning each of these minions require soulshards, which are gathered by draining the soul out of dying enemies. Several other spells and abilities require soulshards as well, forcing the warlock to constantly keep a collection of soulshards at the ready. As these soulshards are not exchangeable, the warlock must always keep an eye on the amount of soulshards at hand, and remember to create more when running low.

Possibly one of the most expensive classes in the game, the warlock has to buy not only his own upgraded spells every two levels, but also upgraded spells and additional abilities for his minions. This becomes very costly, and it can often be hard to make enough gold in between levels to afford these upgrades as they become available. To leviate this cost somewhat, there's several class quests for the warlock, supplying very nice weaponry and armour upgrades. They also get a unique riding mount provided for them at level 40, which can be purchased for 1% of what a mount costs for all other classes (except for the paladin) at the same level. At level 60, there's a quest which does require a significant amount of effort and help, but which in the end supplies the warlock with an epic riding mount for basically free.

Though a warlock gets a mount for free, the money they save by not having to purchase a traditional mount, does in no way outweigh the cost of leveling a warlock. It is nearly impossible for a warlock to afford leveling without atleast one productive profession, and it is generally not recommendable for anyone to have a warlock as their first character. The warlock however is an impressive class, and possibly the best balanced in the entire game. Though it is a complex class, and expensive, noone should be discouraged from giving it a try. When mastered, the warlock can deal a significant amount of damage, and despite being a cloth wearing class, as long as they have their minion they can generally keep fighting until all mana and health have been exhausted. And even then, by continuingly making and using healthstones, the warlock can keep going far longer than any other mana based caster class. The warlock is an excellent soloing class, but they really shine in groups.

Available races:
Human, Gnome, Orc, Undead, Blood Elf

Armour: Cloth
Weaponry: Daggers, Wands, Swords, Staves.
Magic types: Shadow, Fire, Demonic

Main strengths:
  • Ability to summon and control demons.
  • Can conjur healthstones for party members which restore life upon consumption.
  • Can summon other party members using a summoning ritual.
  • Can summon a demonic mount.
  • Able to drain opponents life, restoring own health.
  • Able to convert health into mana, making the warlock able to continue fighting for an extended period of time without having to stop to regenerate mana.
Main weaknesses:
  • Summoning most minions require soul shards.
  • Several spells and abilities require soul shards.
  • Restricted to cloth armour.
  • Near 0 survivability without a minion.
Typical role: Secondary fighter (dps), Secondary healer

Starting stats (level 1):
Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health Mana
Human 20 20 21 22 23 45 53 140
Gnome 15 23 20 26 22 51 43 200
Orc 23 17 23 19 25 39 73 109
Undead 19 18 22 20 27 41 63 110
Blood Elf 17 22 19 26 21 49 42 197

Warlock milestones:
Level 3: Imp minion
Level 10: Voidwalker minion (quest)
Level 20: Succubus minion (quest)
Level 30: Felhunter minion (quest)
Level 40: Felsteed mount
Level 49+: Felguard minion (talent)
Level 50: Infernal minion (quest - summon+enslave)
Level 60: Dreadsteed mount (quest), Doomguard minion (quest - summon+enslave)