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The warrior class is, literally, designed to take a beating. Able to wear plate armour specifically designed for the purpose, the warrior is meant to act as the group's tank - taking the majority of the damage from enemies, by taunting them to attack the warrior, so that the remainder of the party can fight the enemies without being attacked or interrupted. To this end, the warrior has several abilities to increase the threat they cause, while at the same time slowing down and softening the enemies that attack them.

Warriors are the only ones other than paladins that can wear plate armour. But the plate warriors use is significantly different from a paladin, giving the warrior class incredible high amounts of armour at the higher levels, far above what any other class has.

Though a warrior is primarily meant for taking damage, rather than dishing it out, a fury/arms spec warrior can cause significant amounts of damage, at the cost of loosing some of their effectiveness at tanking. This is useful for soloing and leveling the warrior, but in high-level instances, the warrior's tanking abilities are often required to be as good as possible, and thus it's usually recommendable for warriors to switch to protection spec once they reach the highest levels.

Available races:
Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead, Draenei

Armour: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate (level 40)
Weaponry: All weapons (except for wands)

Main strengths:
  • Able to use all armour and all weapons except for wands.
  • Very high health and armour.
  • Great melee fighter.
  • Good at pulling, tanking, and dealing damage.
  • Able to taunt other enemies to attack the warrior instead of weaker party members.
Main weaknesses:
  • No healing ability (except for Draenei).
  • Limited long range damage capability.
  • Limited ability to buff party members.
Typical role: Tank, secondary dps

Starting stats (level 1):
Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health
Human 23 20 22 20 21 47 60
Dwarf 25 16 25 19 19 34 90
Night Elf 20 25 21 20 20 57 50
Gnome 18 23 21 24 20 53 50
Orc 26 17 24 17 23 36 80
Troll 24 22 23 16 21 51 70
Undead 22 18 23 18 25 43 70
Draenei 24 17 21 21 22 36 50

Warrior milestones:
Level 10: Defensive stance
Level 30: Berserker stance
Level 40: Ability to use plate armour.